Hi, I’m Sheizana

I’m a former legal executive, general counsel and senior lawyer with over 15 years of corporate and commercial law experience in large, national law firms and in-house environments.

In my various in-house roles, I developed and implemented a clear vision and new structure for the legal team, aligned with organizational goals and strategy, resulting in high engagement levels and more effective utilization. As part of senior leadership teams, I also collaborated on strategic planning and tactical implementation projects that built and strengthened cross-functional partnerships.

In my role as a coach, I blends my legal experience and coaching expertise to provide practical business coaching to help professionals looking to advance, pivot or transition in their careers. I coach on improving communications, working through challenging situations and conflict, expanding perspectives and strategically planning the next steps. I also lead group coaching cohorts to enhance their leadership capabilities and improve individual and team performance.

I have a JD from Osgoode Hall Law School, an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, and am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC). As an avid and continuous learner, I have received various training in top thought leadership.

I am an active volunteer, such as through my work as a global trainer of community mediators.

My Coaching Style

I have been a coach formally since 2018, and informally for many years prior, helping busy professionals advance, pivot, or transition their careers. I am genuinely interested in people and helping them wade through complex situations and get unstuck.

I’ve dealt with the challenges of checking all the boxes, doing all the things and not getting traction. I’ve learned first-hand how important it is to have help seeing blind spots, and filtering out the general, external noise/advice to focus on the specific things I can be doing differently that will have the most impact.

My approach is warm and open balanced with thoughtful, specific candor, and staunch empowering. I bring relevant, unique, and ‘on the ground’ corporate perspective and insight.

Using models that draw from the science of how our brains work and leveraging our whole self, I help my clients enhance their personal toolbox; generating measurable results towards their personal vision and goals in their professional and personal lives.

I am passionate about bringing the breadth of my experience to help others move forward and find more satisfaction and impact in their own careers and lives.

  • Advancement, transition and pivot
  • Communication and conflict
  • Building new and strengthening existing client relationships
  • Tuning inward and value alignment
  • Making the Most of the Mentoring Relationship
  • Emotional Intelligence: Moving from Survival Skill to Strategic Superpower
  • What Clients Really Want (and Don’t Want)
  • Communicating in Professional Environments
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Having Challenging Conversations

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) issued by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Brain Based, Solutions Focused Coaching Certification, BrainFirst Training Institute
  • Trauma Informed Certificate for Coaches, The Centre for Healing
  • Coaching Champions Program, The Ivey Academy at Ivey Business School
  • PQ Coaching Grant, Positive Intelligence™

Let’s connect for an introductory call


N.P. (she/her), associate, national law firm
My favorite thing has been Sheizana’s ability to be vulnerable about her own professional path. This quality has helped me reflect about my own professional goals and how to position myself in my work environment in a more thoughtful manner. Sheizana has a very human, yet practical approach.
Her coaching style is focused on helping clients remain goal oriented and driven, while simultaneously cultivating a strong sense of purpose and self-awareness in her clients.
Sheizana is very open minded and empathetic, which makes it easier to feel comfortable and open up about deeper professional issues. Through thoughtful and personalized questions, Sheizana goes way beyond scratching the surface and getting to the crux of what needs to be addressed.
K.N. (he/him), Technical Solution Architect, DevOps
Sheizana’s coaching service is simply outstanding. She is a skilled coach who has an uncanny ability to help her clients navigate challenging situations with ease. She takes a holistic approach to coaching, helping her clients identify their strengths and values, and creating a personalized plan for success. She is particularly adept at helping people manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions. Sheizana’s coaching is empowering, supportive, and transformative.
Y. Chan
Y. Chan (she/her), senior public lawyer
Sheizana guided me through a self-reflection journey and helped provide insightful analysis that ultimately guided me towards some strategic decisions in my career. She has an exceptional ability to distill complex situations into actionable steps, empowering me to navigate my career journey with purpose. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a partner in achieving career success.
With Sheizana’s expert guidance, I gained clarity on my goals and now feel confident navigating career challenges that lie ahead.
Y. Chan
N.G. (she/her), associate, national law firm
Sheizana has senior level expertise and practical career experience to provide trusted advice. She is present and actively listens during the sessions, asking thoughtful questions to challenge your thought process and provides new perspectives. She has a warm personality which builds rapport and allows for an effortless conversation and sharing of information on a confidential basis.
Lyndon B
L. Browne (he/him), Supervisor, Energy Company
Sheizana demonstrated lots of understanding, very insightful and thoughtful in her responses, as she guided the group through various exercises. Found gentle ways to help us explore feelings that took us outside of our comfort zone, as part of the positive intelligence journey.
The coaching received from Sheizana has placed me on a path to building a better team on the job, and better relationships in my family and extended circle of acquaintances. Thank you so much! I benefitted greatly from your coaching and believe others also will.
Lyndon B
G. P. (she/her), human capital specialist
When Sheizana told me that she had decided to focus on executive coaching in her career, I was not surprised. She has always taken a genuine interest in helping others develop and grow on the path that was right for them.
When it was time to return to the workforce after an extended career break, I needed some guidance. Sheizana was the one I reached out to. She was instrumental in helping me start the process when I had been mentally stuck for months. Her ability to ask the right, thought provoking questions, and surfacing the underlying fears that had led to my delayed return to my career helped me to develop a framework for where I wanted to go in my job search, clarify my career goals, identify potential obstacles I may encounter and ways to overcome them. Her genuine, caring approach and professionalism helped me to understand why I was stuck, adjust my mindset to focus on where my capabilities and interests truly were as well as how to hold myself accountable for implementing my plan of action. All these pieces were instrumental in my path forward to my next role.
Stephanie N.
Stephanie N. (she/her), veterinarian and coach
Sheizana is very skilled in guiding you into focus on what is really important. Through thought provoking questions, helping you find the clarity in what you seek and redirecting it to actual action points…Sheizana has made a real difference for me in finding my path in a labyrinth of thoughts and connecting to my inner self. She has a uniqueness in keeping me on track and redirecting me to what is important and helps me remain focused in this process…Getting me with every session closer to my goals and aspirations.
Stephanie N.
S. Chaudhry
S. Chaudhry (she/her), lawyer, boutique law firm
I would recommend Sheizana as a coach to all who are navigating transitions in their career or otherwise dealing with matters requiring coaching. She truly devotes her full attention and thought to you and asks the right questions to steer you, while also giving you agency and power.
Working with Sheizana was an incredible gift. She understood my experience as a racialized woman and was an active listener, helping to guide and equip me with the tools to navigate the issues I spoke with her about.
S. Chaudhry
Shingi P.
Shingi P. (he/him), Senior Manager at an Investment Management Company
Yes, I would most certainly recommend Sheizana as a coach. You will get a friend with a kind, thoughtful approach into development and personal/professional growth. With Sheizana’s extensive work experience you can correctly assume you that she has experienced most work issues that can arise, but she instills the confidence that a calm, thoughtful approach will see you get through any challenges and experience significant personal/professional growth.
Shingi P.
Sofiya M
Sofiya M. (she/her), data analyst, government ministry
I first worked with Sheizana to identify ways to manage stress and stressful situations. Not only did Sheizana listen, but she also made me reflect on the WHY! She brought a wealth of resources and tools that I could use in everyday life to manage difficult situations. I feel more positive, healthier, and happier now!
I went outside my comfort zone and joined the Positive Intelligence group program that Sheizana was coaching, and I am so glad I did! Sheizana created a respectful, non-judgmental, and safe environment for us to share our stories. She is someone who is real, relatable, and makes you feel that you are not alone. I looked forward to our weekly group sessions and to learning from each other and our experiences.
Sofiya M
G. D. (she/her), Corporate Governance Professional
I highly recommend Sheizana’s services to any person wanting a safe space to explore how to remove barriers in thinking and challenge the assumptions that may be impeding progress. Getting past barriers and moving forward with clarity of purpose. Her coaching services provided elevated, yet practical, advice. Sheizana is at once highly knowledgeable and highly relatable.
C. P. (she/her), Senior Director and Head of the Ontario and Western Canada division, National Financial Institution
Sheizana creates a safe place to discuss difficult and complex work issues without feeling judged.
I very much appreciated the guidance that Sheizana gave me. While our work experience is very different, her advice was relevant and practical. Sheizana never started a session with assuming that she knew the answer. It was a rather a journey on which she would check in to see if I was getting what I needed, and we were going the right way.
The coaching was professional but very comfortable and practical. I came out with solutions that I could easily implement. Sheizana has a great amount of empathy, and it showed every time we talked.
O. J.
O. J. (she/her), Corporate Leader, Global Automotive Company
I took Sheizana’s group coaching program with no expectations, aside from hoping to learn another side and modality of coaching. However, I was beyond impressed with the coaching provided and the support provided. It exceeded expectations, and then some.
What I appreciated most about Sheizana’s coaching style was that she was approachable, non-judgmental, created a safe space for open dialogue and sharing, and asked thought provoking questions. She also has a naturally calming aura about her. Thank you Sheizana for a great learning and growth experience!
O. J.
J. K.
J. K. (she/her), Director, CPA, Government Department
From our very first session, Sheizana’s unique coaching style stood out – her insightful wisdom, coupled with kindness, genuine empathy, and adept listening skills created a nurturing environment that fostered self-discovery and empowerment. Sheizana’s thought-provoking questions created a safe space where I could be open and share freely, with sessions tailored to my individual needs. As a sounding board, she not only provided great advice but could relate given her vast experience in the corporate world.
Her ability to breakdown complex challenges into manageable, actionable steps has been instrumental in propelling me forward and allowing me to better navigate life’s unpredictabilities and embrace opportunities with newfound confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Sheizana’s services to anyone seeking a profound and positive impact on their life as her unique blend of expertise, empathy, and encouragement creates a powerful catalyst for personal and professional flourishing.
J. K.
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