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Flipping the Script – Using Feedback as Fuel
We've all been there: that sinking feeling when in a performance review, we receive constructive criticism. Instead of seeing feedback as fire to extinguish our confidence, what if we viewed it as fuel to propel our progress?
How to Let Go and Move On: Embracing Federer’s 15-Second Routine for Professional Success
Inspired by tennis great Roger Federer's post-point routine, professionals can aim to navigate their careers (and lives outside of work) with the same precision and mental fortitude that Federer demonstrates on the court.
How Well Do We Read People?
Most people think they are "reading" the other well. But research shows we tend to overestimate our perception of body language, expression, and gestures. This can have significant consequences on negotiations and communications. This article provides ideas on how to shift from from "reading" to asking.
“Take” a Good Impression… and Transform Your Professional Relationships
In our professional lives, we often approach new roles and relationships with the mindset of making a good impression. However, the true art lies not in how forcefully we make our mark, but in how well we are able to make a meaningful mark in light of the context, which requires us to first take in the impressions around us.
“Must we tell a baker to bake?”…Sometimes, yes – to get what we want
What we think is obvious often isn't. We know we need to spend the time having the (sometimes awkward or uncomfortable) chat re expectations. What strategies can we use to help us make it easier?
Career Choices: Advancement, Transition, or Pivot?
For professionals, there are three career choices: advancement, transition or pivot. How do each of these choices compare, and how can you prepare for your next step or role?